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David Blackett and Brian Maguire started Blackett Maguire & Associates in 2002, with the goal of providing high-quality, trustworthy building certifying and surveying services in NSW. The business grew rapidly, and in 2008 Dean Goldsmith became a partner, and the rebrand to Blackett Maguire + Goldsmith occurred. The evolution to Blackett Maguire + Goldsmith came to fruition when David, Brian and Dean saw synergies with their personal brands and reputations, and desire to be the best in the industry. This driving force has underpinned the business strategy and objectives and is reflected in the extensive project list and client base. The partnership grew further with the addition of Tony Heaslip, who joined the business in 2008 as a senior team member and became a Director in 2014.

The four Directors are driven by their desire to improve the industry, to instil credibility and trustworthiness and educate the next generation of certifiers. This is evidenced through the high retention of staff, successful project delivery, industry-leading Cadet Program as well as the Industry Mentor Program.

The business as it is known today – BM+G, with new Directors Adam Durnford and Michael Potts, has delivered high-end building regulations consulting and certification services to the construction and development sectors for over 15 years with a strong history of working with both public and private clients across a range of projects, from commercial, industrial and education, to health, aged care and defence.

BM+G has provided meticulous, innovative advice on thousands of projects across New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory, ACT and Victoria, with project value in excess of $10 billion. Our expertise helps clients reduce their risk profile while maximising design and commercial outcomes.

BM+G’s reputation has seen the business engaged by numerous governments who have entrusted us with varying levels of complex projects, and milestone investments. Such projects include the Sydney Football Stadium, Amazon, Atlassian, and the refurbishment of Accor Stadium.

BM+G currently employs over 40 staff across three offices: Sydney – Gadigal, Newcastle – Awabakal and Brisbane – Turrbul and Yuggera peoples. While we are currently unaware of any staff who identify as a First Nations person, our RAP will look at First Nations employment opportunities. We acknowledge the cultural knowledge gap that exists during the preparation of this RAP and engaged a First Nations external consultant, Dean Widders, to assist and guide the business in its development.

We believe the contribution of Dean, as a First Nations elder, will allow BM+G to deliver on our RAP goals in a culturally appropriate manner. Dean will support the Working Group by providing insights and feedback on milestones, policy and RAP delivery, and importantly, assist in engaging our staff on our reconciliation journey. The first step on employee engagement is the delivery of a Yarning Circle, with views for further cultural and educational events over the duration of our RAP. Dean will also support staff with any questions they may have on First Nations matters (cultural or societal), history and culture.

We look forward to contributing the reconciliation journey of our country and thank Reconciliation Australia, and the many First Nations peoples who have helped show us the way.

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Our Team

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+ Our Reconciliation Journey So Far

BM+G acknowledges our position in the certifying industry, and the construction and professional services industries more broadly. We want to educate our people and contribute to the path of genuine and long-lasting reconciliation.

We are committed to making impactful change in our business and supporting First Nations peoples with professional development and mentoring. This will be done through regular staff events, and an industry-leading mentor program where we partner with Regional Councils and TAFE to upskill their Indigenous certifying workforce. We strongly believe this mentor program will provide opportunities for people in rural and regional communities to work on important community projects (particularly in the health, education and aged care sectors) while developing and enhancing their own skill and knowledge base.

The Directors of BM+G will drive the successful delivery of this Reflect RAP, and be guided by Council and TAFE partnerships, industry partners, First Nations community groups and individuals, and an external First Nations consultant. The Working Group will ensure the targets on the RAP are successfully delivered, in line with the timeframe targets, and assisted by our First Nations representative.

We recognise the launch of our Reflect RAP is the start of a long journey and look forward to expanding our reconciliation work, while listening to and learning from First Nations peoples so we may, with time, extend our influence and impact.


  • Construction Certificates
  • Complying Development Certificates
  • Occupation Certificates
  • Crown Building Certificates
  • Principal Certifier (during construction in NSW)
  • Interstate Certification (ACT, QLD, SA)


  • BCA Design Assessment
  • Compliance Audit – existing buildings (Fire & Life Safety / AFSS / Heritage)
  • BCA Capability Assessment for Planning Approvals
  • Performance-based Solutions for BCA (non-fire-safety) Matters
  • Assessment of Performance-based Solutions (Value-engineering)


  • Access/DDA Design Assessment
  • Compliance Audit – Existing Buildings
  • Access Capability Assessment for Planning Approvals
  • Performance-based Solutions for Access/DDA Matters